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'''Friedrich Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn''' (October 26, 1809 in Mansfeld, Germany – April 24, 1864 in Lembang, Bandung, West Java), was a German-Dutch botanist and geologist. His father, Friedrich Junghuhn was a barber and a surgeon. His mother was Christine Marie Schiele. Junghuhn studied medicine in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt|Halle and in Berlin from 1827 to 1831, meanwhile (1830) publishing a seminal paper on mushrooms in ''Limnaea. Ein Journal für Botanik''.
Birth nameFriedrich Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn
Birth dateOctober 26, 1809
Birth placeMansfeld, Kingdom of Westphalia|Westphalia
Death date{{d-da|April 24, 1864|October 26, 1809}}
Death placeLembang, West Java, Dutch East Indies
NationalityGerman-born Dutch
Other names| occupation = Botanist and geologist
Years active1835-1864
Known forBotanical and geological studies in Dutch Wast Indies
Notable works''See '''Bibliography'''''
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